Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekly Wound Up

Thanksgiving is coming up this next week and we all have so much to be thankful for! Hopefully you have accomplished as much as we have this past week so you can have time to spend with family and friends when the holiday rolls around. 

New Releases

 On Monday we released two new patterns that go perfectly together!  Blaycie's Skinny Pants are made from woven fabrics and have optional pockets, piping, and center crease details. She will love the fitted style! And then to complement them, Delaney's Bib, Band, and Bow Top is made from knits and has so many options that each new top you make for her will quickly become her favorite!  

 Tween Cheyenne's Perfect Party Dress can be made in a simple or fancy version with added tween options for short and long dresses. Options include two lengths, halter ties or cross back, bodice ruffle, bodice overlay, and dress ruffles. Your tween is sure to find a combo that is perfect for her!

Just yesterday we released LaRae's Scalloped Dress For Dogs from CKC's dog clothing line. This pattern is perfect for small to medium breed dogs and comes in sizes XS-XL. (It also fits Build-A Bear 4-Legged Animals!)  Look at those adorable flutter sleeves! The pattern also features comfy Velcro closures and an optional D-ring for your leash. Hurry & grab it while it’s 30% off, at only $3.50 until Sunday at 7pm est.

On the Blog

This week on the blog you can come learn how to add long sleeves to a sleeveless dress. Look what we did with Maggie's for the holidays! 


Are you getting excited for the Create Kids Couture Black Friday Sale?  It will begin next Friday, NOT Thursday! We are so thankful for our fans and we would never dream of making you take time away from your families on a holiday in order to get a great deal on our patterns! But you can start making your wishlist now if you haven't already! 

Did you know that Create Kids Couture has a FREE app for your phone? No more stalking us just on Facebook, you can stalk all of our sites anywhere, anytime right from your phone! Never miss another pattern release or sale again. Follow this link on your computer to preview the app. Or on your phone you can search for "Create Kids Couture" in the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Amazon!  If you'd like, you can also take a tour of the new app on our blog!

Weekend Sale

Tori's Bustled Princess Dress is on sale for 50% off all weekend long!  Just look how perfect it is for the upcoming holidays! Tori's features a sweetheart bodice with adorable sleeves that can be short, 3/4, or long sleeve length.  Tori's also has double ruffle skirts with unique pickups that create that eye-catching bustled look.  Your little girl will love Tori's so here's your chance to get it for 50% off! 

Also on sale this week for 50% off is Bianca's Reversible Bolero! Bianca's is the perfect piece for layering over your favorite CKC dresses and tops because of it's pretty boutique style. Plus it is completely reversible and has two sleeve length options.  Bianca's is on sale in all sizes from dolls all the way up to Women's Plus! Just think of all the cute outfits you can keep using in the cooler weather just by adding Bianca's! 

This brings us to the end of our Weekly Wound Up! We hope you have enjoyed what we have shared with you today. And even more than that, we hope that you have a fabulous weekend and a special Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful for you! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Adding Sleeves to a Dress

Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st this year, but boy does it ever feel like it is already here! Even in the good ol’ Sunshine State we are feeling the effects of Jack Frost. As I type this, it is a very wet and windy 48°F here in Central Florida. This Southern girl and her mini-me ain’t used to those kind of temps!  I am here today to show you how you can add sleeves to the newly released Maggie’s Perfect Colorblock Tunic & Dress. Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

·         Fabric – You will need the fabric requirements listed in the Maggie’s pattern, plus the fabric requirements for the sleeves and cuffs in the Sally’s pattern.
·         Coordinating thread
·         1 button
·         1 - 2-3” piece of 1/8” elastic

STEP 1: Cut out all pieces as directed in the Maggie’s pattern. Cut out just the sleeves and cuffs from the Sally’s pattern. When you are finished it should look something like this:

STEP 2: Assemble the Maggie’s bodice as directed in the pattern and stop at Step 7. You will NOT complete the armholes as directed in the pattern. Instead you will sew a basting stitch along both armholes about a ¼” away from the edge. (To sew a basting stitch, increase your stitch length to the maximum length.) This will hold the lining and bodice fabrics together to eliminate shifting when you attach the sleeves. 

STEP 3: While you still have your machine set on the basting stitch, grab one of the sleeve pieces and sew a basting/gathering stitch across the top of the sleeve. You only need to sew along the top just before it slopes down the shoulders.  See picture below for an example. Repeat this step on the other sleeve.

STEP 4: We are going to need to ease the sleeve into the armhole opening since the Sally’s sleeve is slightly larger than the Maggie’s armhole. To do this, we will need to gather the top of the sleeve using the basting stitch we created in Step 3. 
First lay the sleeve on top of the Maggie’s armhole with the right sides of the fabric together. Match up the ends of the sleeves with the ends of the armhole opening and pin in place. (I use Clover clips in lieu of pins and I highly recommend them!) Also, put a pin in the center of the sleeve and the center of the armhole opening. Then begin matching up the rest of the sleeve with the armhole opening and pinning in place until you reach the center pin. You should have some extra fabric that doesn’t match up on either side of the center pin. 

STEP 5: To eliminate the extra fabric that didn’t match up in the previous step, you will need to gather it. Gently pull on the threads of the basting stitch you created in Step 3. The fabric will begin to gather. Gather the excess fabric until it will match up with the rest of the armhole opening and pin in place. 

STEP 6: Sew the sleeve to the armhole opening and finish the raw edge with your serger or a zigzag stitch to prevent future fraying. Then flip the sleeve and take it to your ironing board. Iron the seam so that it will go in the direction of the sleeve opening. This will help give more support to your sleeve and show off the beautiful gathering at the top of the sleeve. 

STEP 7: Now you will pin the sleeve and side seams of the bodice with right sides together. I recommend first matching up the seams at the armpit. This is especially important if you used contrasting fabrics like I did. You want the seams at the armpit to match as perfectly as possible. 

STEP 8: Sew down the sleeve and side seam of the bodice. Make sure you sew with the armhole seam facing toward the sleeve opening. Once again, this will just result in a much better looking finished product. If you forget, it isn’t the end of the world. ;) Finally, finish the raw edge with your serger or a zigzag stitch to prevent future fraying.

STEP 9: Sew the cuffs to the bottom of the sleeves as directed in the Sally’s Fitted A-line Dress pattern. (Steps 16-21.)

STEP 10: Once the bodice is complete, sew the rest of the dress according to the directions in the Maggie’s Perfect Colorblock Dress. (Skip Steps 7-9 and pick back up at Step 10.)

 That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now you’ll have a pattern that can carry you through any season and offers a multitude of combinations and looks! I know my lil’ sunshine loving girl appreciates that I added some sleeves to her Christmas dress.  I hope your lil’ one will appreciate it, too!

~ Jessica Fulton, CKC 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekly Wound Up

Outside my window right now there are ginormous snowflakes drifting down. It's that time of year, ready or not, and it looks like everyone in our patterns group is in full swing preparing for the holidays ahead. Whether you are sewing for Thanksgiving or the holidays after that, we have some fun patterns and tutorials that can help you out! 

New Releases

 Noah's Knee Patch pants are a new must-have for your little guy! Make them with or without the trendy patches. The waist is a flat front with elastic back for a classy look, and the pants have an option for elastic at the bottom of the pant legs. Our testers were hesitant about the elastic hem at first but ended up LOVING them! They're so cute and the boys love how they feel. (Don't tell the boys, but they are adorable on girls too.) 

On Wednesday we released four new doll patterns!  First, there is Blair's Bustled Knot dress. It is all business in the front with a party in the back but seriously cute all the way around! Secondly, there is Grace's Twirly Knot Dress. It also has the option to make it the length of a top to go with her favorite pants. Third is Demi's Ruffled Peasant Dress. It has three sleeve lengths and is such an easy outfit to sew! Lastly, there is Annabelle's which is perfect for dressing your doll up as your daughter's favorite princess. Just in time for Christmas!

Just yesterday we released our Priscilla's Ruched or Cuffed Leggings, with a ruched side option or buttoned cuff! It does include a full cut line if you want to make just simple leggings without a cuff or ruched side. These leggings are a SLIM cut so you must use a 40-way lycra fabric with at least a 75% stretch to ensure they will fit properly. These are not a loose fit like our other legging patterns. Priscilla's is on sale for 30% off for just a little bit longer so grab it while you can! 

On the Blog

If you have never made an outfit with a zipper because you are afraid to try, this blog post is for you! We chose the EASIEST way to attach a zipper and made a step-by-step tutorial for you so that you will have the confidence to sew a zipper on, no problem! You'll be glad you came!

Look at this super fun upcycle tutorial! Come learn how to take ONE women's sock and make it into perfect doll tights by sewing just a few lines; no pinning or pattern pieces necessary!  You won't believe how fast they are to make. (It's even a little addicting.Your daughter will like that.) 


Have you taken a close look at our Monthly Mix Up bundle for November? It features Claire's, a pillowcase dress with a solid or patchwork skirt and optional key hole back; Autumn's, a great one-piece romper that is perfect for fall and winter; Caroline's - such a unique peasant top/dress pattern with its split double layer and bodice ruffles; Bonnie's, our great split ruffle pants to go with Caroline's; and of course Willow's, a terrific coat pattern! Your girl will be all set for the colder months. Each pattern comes to just $3.60 each - talk about a steal! This deal is good through all of November.

Weekend Sale

 Shirley's Fabric Petti Top and Dress is on sale for 50% off all weekend long! As you can see, it is gorgeous in both the top length, paired with her favorite bottoms, or as a dress length worn all on its own!  Just think of the pretty holiday outfits you can dress your girl up in using Shirley's! 

Teronia's Reversible Sweetheart Apron is on sale all weekend too!  This unique apron is fully reversible and comes with lots of embellishment instructions, so you can make two different looks all in one apron!  Teronia's is available for Girls, Tweens, and Women sizes, and all three versions are on sale for 50% off this weekend only!  Look how fun it is to have a reversible apron for the holidays - this is all one apron: 

So fun, right?!  I think these would do really well as a boutique item! 

This wraps up our Weekly Wound Up. Stay warm and enjoy the weekend! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Upcycle a Women's Sock into Doll Tights

It's getting cold outside so don't forget to grab some tights and keep those little legs covered!  And I don't just mean the girls. How about their dolls too? I just love little doll accessories and they are even more fun when you make them yourself. 

Today I am going to teach you how to make tights for your doll in just minutes by upcycling! Maria, the head of our doll patterns, taught me this little trick and it's so fun and easy to do! 

For supplies, all we need is one women's sock!  I'm sure we all have a mis-matched sock hiding somewhere in the house. I chose to use this ladies' dress sock to get the look of black tights, but you can use any type of sock, stocking, or even a cut-off nylon.  If you have holiday socks or striped socks, that's even more fun!  You just need to make sure that whatever you choose will fit over your doll's legs:

Go ahead and put the sock onto the doll to make sure it will fit.  We want the sock to leave plenty of room at the waist. There's nothing worse than store-bought doll tights that are impossible to keep on!  I like them to be nice and roomy. This sock looks tight on her legs but it is really stretchy so it will be perfect.  So let's get started!

Step 1:  Turn the sock inside out and lay it on a flat surface. Put the doll on top of the sock, lining it up with her feet an inch or so above the bottom of the sock, to leave room for the foot curve. Then use fabric chalk or a marking pen to mark a 1/2" line at the top of the leg-gap, as shown in yellow above. 

Step 2:  Looking at the photo above for guidance, sew a straight line through both layers from the bottom of the sock up to the line you marked, sew across the line, then sew down again.  I used a stretch stitch to sew mine and the lines were 1.5" from the side of the sock, but that will depend on how wide your sock is and how much it stretches. If you want, you can draw the lines on before you begin. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.

Use fabric scissors to cut a straight line up the sock, right between the lines we just sewed. Clip the corners. You may want to zigzag or serge the raw edges if it looks like it will fray.  I didn't serge mine. 

Turn the tights right side out, using a dowel if necessary. 

Try them on your model and hopefully you have a perfect fit!  They have always worked for me. I especially love how the reinforced ends fall on her toes. Super cute. 

 If the tights don't fit right at first you can turn them back out and adjust. Or it might be even faster to go search the house for a new sock. I won't tell anyone. 

That's all there is to it! Now all she needs is her perfect party dress! 

I can't wait to see all the tights you make for your dolls, so please share in our patterns group! Just think how cute they would be in stripes or polka dots. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Adding a Zipper

Here's something to think about today: 

There are easy ways to do things and there are hard ways to do things. Do you agree?  For example, you could swim across a river - OR - you could drive across the bridge to cross the river. Both ways will get you to the other side. Both ways are effective. But just because somebody had a hard time swimming across the river does not mean that you are going to have a hard time driving across.  Correct?

 So now, when I tell you that I'm going to teach you an easy way to sew a zipper onto clothing, please trust me! It doesn't matter if your aunt's cousin's sister's dog's owner's brother's uncle's mom had a hard time sewing a zipper onto a dress. Today, you are going to learn how to sew a zipper onto a dress (or top or skirt) and you can do it! Really!

Shall we begin?   

First of all, you will sew the outfit according to directions.  This works on many types of clothing but today we're going to call it a dress. You can either complete the dress entirely or get to the point where the center back seam is open, as shown in the photo above. If you have an elastic-casing skirt or dress that you want to add a zipper to, you can secure the elastic in the back casing at two places 1" apart from each other, and then cut down the length of the outfit between the secured spots, trimming the excess elastic. 

So at this point you will have a completed dress/skirt/top, except it will be cut down the center in back. Now match up the raw edges in back, with right sides together, and pin along the whole length as shown in the photo above. 

Lay the zipper down beside the pinned edge, with the top of the zipper just below the top of the dress. 

Use a marking pen to mark where the bottom of the zipper is.  (Note: If your zipper is longer than you want it, you can zigzag a stopping point on the zipper and just cut off the excess!)  Now that we have marked where the zipper will end on the dress, we can set the zipper aside. 

  It is time to sew the pinned edge of the dress using a 3/8" seam allowance. For the seam above the blue mark, we will sew a long basting stitch, as shown in yellow. For the seam below the blue mark, we will sew a regular stitch all the way down to the bottom of the dress.

Now open up the seam and press outward using an iron. You may then finish each raw edge with a zigzag or serge stitch, but do not trim it. 

Now we are going to lay the zipper on the seam allowances we just ironed, lining up the bottom of the zipper with the mark and the top of the zipper with the top of the dress.  Pin the zipper in place with the front of the zipper facing the dress and the back of the zipper facing you. The zipper should be zipped up for pinning. 

At the very top of the zipper, tuck the extra end flaps back behind the ironed seam allowances so they are not showing. Pin the flaps securely in place. 

Using a zipper foot on your machine and your regular stitch length, sew the zipper in place by stitching down, across, and back up the zipper. The zipper foot should be butted up against the zipper to help keep the stitch even. As you sew, you may need to move the "zipper pull" up or down as you sew past it. When you're done, check to make sure the flaps are sewn in place at the top. 

Now turn the outfit right side out. Use a seam ripper to remove the basting stitches in the top portion of the dress, revealing the zipper underneath.  Your zipper should be nicely centered and ready to zip up and down. You're done! 

Was that easier than you expected?   

That's not to say that you won't run into patterns that tell you more difficult ways to attach zippers. Other methods do have their place.  (I'll keep my opinions to myself here.) But if you want to add a quick zipper or use a CKC pattern with a zipper, this is all you need to know! Back to my original comparison, you just crossed the river and you didn't even get wet! 

So here's my cutie in the dress we made her for Easter! I originally took these tutorial pictures months ago, to be part of a pattern I was designing, but then people were panicking about the Z-word. 

"I don't want a pattern with a zipper!" 

So I decided to switch to buttons for this particular dress (which has been changed a LOT by now and is releasing very soon!) but I haven't given up hope that *someday* we will have a zipper-friendly place here at CKC. And it will be fabulous! Are you ready for it? 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen