Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekly Wound Up

Ta-da! It's August! Ready or not! My clock and calendar just switched over (meaning I should be getting to bed soon) -- but I have had soooo many exciting things to write about tonight. It's never taken this long to wind up a Weekly Wound Up!  We have tons of new releases, a ginormous giveaway, and a big weekend sale that you didn't see coming. Let's get to it! 

New Releases

Sybil's Sailor dress and top is a classic dress you'll love for years to come! It features a fitted bodice with front and back collars, and a button-back closure and placket for ease of putting it on/off. It has several sleeve options for year-round versatility. Nautical themes are super trendy right now so be sure to grab Sybil's for your girl!

Simone's Dress has multiple options, including a ruffled or simple skirt and overlays for the bodice and skirt. This pattern is chock full of techniques including French seams, under-stitching, a fully enclosed bodice seam, optional attached sash, and a skirt placket. Simone's is simply gorgeous, and  this sweet dress is sure to become a new favorite! 

Introducing Frenchy's Peplum Top and Dress! This sweet spin on a classic style is designed purely for woven fabrics. It has two sleeve lengths (wide and narrow), options for color block or simple bodice, a skirt placket, and an optional attached sash. Your little girl will love having multiple Frenchy's tops and dresses for everyday wear and special occasions! 

Rizzo's Retro Shorts have a fun retro vibe and are so comfy. They include options for high waist or regular waist, and slim fit or bubble fit. Rizzo's pair adorably with any of your favorite CKC tops!

Pam's Pillow Form pattern will help you make your own inexpensive pillow forms to fit your every mood and decorating style! It comes in 11 sizes and you can either make them out of your favorite fabric to use as a throw pillow, or you can use muslin fabric to construct the pillow and then cover it with a pillow cover or sham. You can never have too many pillows! It even includes a body pillow. 

Jeane's Ruffled Pillow Cover is the perfect accent to cover your pillow forms (11 sizes to choose from), and also coordinates with your CKC Barbara's Ruffle Quilt! This super cute pillow cover will be the perfect addition to any room!  If you’ve never made a pillow cover before, no worries! Our easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the project.

Our four newest embroidery designs from Bobbin For Appliques released this week as well! These designs are exclusive to CKC and designed just for our customers. You can find these and our other designs right on the CKC website under Bobbin for Appliques. They will be the perfect finishing touches for your mama made creations! 

 Aria's One-Shoulder Top/Dress/Maxi is available in baby, girl, tween and women's sizes! This beauty features a gorgeous one-shoulder design with an over-sized bow closure. Aria's generous ruffles give it an amazing twirl factor that will have you spinning with delight! Because Aria's released just yesterday, all four sizes are still on sale for 30% off! 

On the Blog

If you have been wanting to learn how to embellish a sailor's collar, such as the one on our new Sybil's pattern, look no further! We have a free tutorial for you on the blog and you'll be ready to set sail in no time.

If you're not a fan of sewing buttonholes, or if you just want to learn a new technique for using snaps, we have a fun tutorial for you on the blog that is almost too good to be true! We will call it Faux Buttons, and they're completely functional (as well as totally cute). 

This blog post is already a huge hit after just one day!  Merav from Baby Hobbes Design has put together a tutorial for us, showing how to turn a boxy camp t-shirt into an adorable fitted top with flutter sleeves! It's a lot easier than you might think, with the helpful photos and tips.  


Did you hear about our big GIVEAWAY for 50 free patterns and a serger?! Yes, a serger! Just think of all the cuteness you could make with that many new patterns too! To get all the details and enter the giveaway, simply click here and follow the instructions on the pinned post

Weekend Sale

Maggie's Color Block Dress is an easy choice for every occasion, and this weekend it is on sale for 50% off!  Its adorable keyhole neckline ensures a fitted look without having to deal with zippers or buttonholes. Maggie's has an optional sash for extra detail, and the pattern is available in Toddler, Tween, and Doll sizes. All three are on sale for just this weekend! 

Also on sale this weekend is Seyla's Sun Dress and Top! This pattern features a shirred bodice and straps, a twirly skirt, and double ruffles for extra frill. Seyla's is available in Doll, Baby, Toddler, and Tween sizes, so be sure to get it for all the younger girls in your life! 

And finally, we are so super excited to announce our big Back-to-School Sale, going on all weekend long! We have chosen our CKC staff favorites for school-wear, and marked them all down to HALF price! No coupon code is needed because the prices are already marked down.  This is definitely the weekend to stock up on school patterns and get ready for the new year! Check out the Sale Items page of the website to see which ones are on sale. There are multiple pages (we included all sizes) so don't miss out on any of these must-have patterns for Back to School!  

That's it for this Weekly Wound Up. Happy Shopping!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Turning a Boxy Tee into a Flutter Sleeve Top

Hi! It's Merav from Baby Hobbes Design, writing because of the overwhelming love from last weeks' post about how I upgraded my daughter's camp t-shirt.  

Since you asked for more details, I decided to write up a tutorial on how to turn an ordinary boxy kids' shirt into a curvy top with flutters. For this tutorial I am using a kid size Medium shirt along with the Tansy's Knit Pajamas dress pattern because I love the curved edges. If you don't already own it, get yourself a copy of Tansy's because this pattern is super duper versatile (top, short dress, long dress and shorts)! Otherwise, you can use any knit bodice pattern-just remember to extend it.

Cutting mat
Knit needle (but you can get away with a regular one too)
Serger, if you want to finish the seams (I sew directly on the serger)

Before I start, don't look too closely at the white shirt; My daughter was wearing it daily for 2 weeks -- every time they walked over to the park after lunch at camp. 

Step 1: Figure out the length of the shirt you want when finished. I am not planning on hemming the shirt; I like the way the knit curls up; but if you plan to, add that measurement to the bottom to cover your hem allowance.

Pic 3
Step 2: Draw your flutters. You may already have a template for flutters, but I decided to just create one. See picture above for details. I wanted the flutters to be 14 inch long (which should work with a child Small) and the highest part to be 3 inch. I drew it on the fold and then connected the end points for the curve. Again, it's knit so I am not adding a hem --but if you like to, don't forget to add the extra seam allowance.

Step 3: Fold your shirt in half and place your pattern pieces on top of the shirt as in the picture. Since we are keeping the original neck line (do not cut) make sure your pattern shoulder pieces start at the shirt actual shoulder and neck line. See how I laid it. Cut out your shirt.

Step 4: Now it's time to cut the sleeve binding out of the sleeves. See picture above. Place your sleeve flat as is and either cut:
1) In a complete circle the original sleeve hem like I did with the original green shirt. Or--
2) Cut off the hem and then cut 2 inches in the round for the sleeve band like in the white shirt. Between the stretch of the shirt and the sleeve band it should fit perfectly-with a little adjustment along the way.

Step 5: Take your shirt right sides together and sew the side seams of your shirt.

Step 6: Run a gathering stitch to your flutters. Gather them till they are about half the length of the original size. So in my case, 7 inches long.

Step 7: Turn your shirt inside out. Take one of the flutters and place a pin the middle. Then place the flutter inside the arm hole with right sides together and the straight edge (not curved edge) along the raw shoulder edge. Match the pin to the top of the shoulder seam. Continue pinning the flutters onto the shirt on both sides. Run a baste stitch to hold the flutters in place. Repeat with the other side.

Step 8: Take your sleeve binding and if not using the original hem, fold in half. 

Just like you did with the flutters, place the binding right sides together inside the shoulder, sandwiching the flutter sleeves' raw edge along the raw edge of the shoulder. 

Pin all the way around. You might have to adjust the stretch a bit. Note: for a cleaner look, I like to match the seams under the arm hole. 

Step 9: Sew (or serge like me) and repeat with your other sleeve.

Turn your shirt right side out and you are done with your simple camp T-shirt transformation! Great job!

We would love to see your camper t-shirts! You can post in the CKC patterns group here and also stop by my own Baby Hobbes Design page here to say hi!

Happy Sewing,
Baby Hobbes Design 

Faux Buttons using Sew-on Snaps

If you're not a fan of sewing buttonholes, or if you just want to learn a new technique for using snaps, today we have a fun tutorial for you!  We will call it Faux Buttons, and they're completely functional! 

Morgan has used our new Frenchy's pattern to show us how to do it.  They have all the cuteness and function with none of the fuss!  Let's get started!

Frenchy's pattern (or any other pattern that uses buttons)
Fabric to sew the pattern
Set of sew-on snaps (pictured above)
Same amount of buttons, same size or larger 

First, you will sew the outfit as instructed in the pattern. You will come to the point where you have the buttonholes marked, as shown above.

At each of the markings, sew on the corresponding snaps. I do it carefully by hand. Be sure that they are secure! Don't worry about your stitches showing on the outside of the dress, because they will be covered by the buttons in the next step! 

On the outside of the placket, directly opposite of the snaps, sew the button on.  If your buttons and snaps are about the same size with corresponding holes, it works best if you can sew right through all the holes at the same time.  If the holes don't line up to allow the needle all the way through, however, you can still use the buttons. Just stitch through the fabric the best you can around the edges, being sure to keep your stitches hidden behind the button on one side and snap on the other. It is usually pretty easy so don't be afraid to go for it! 

And there you have it! When you are done sewing on all the snaps and buttons, you will be left with super cute buttons that you didn't even have to sew buttonholes for! 

Super cute, right?  Happy Sewing, y'all!   Morgan

Monday, July 27, 2015

Embellishing a Sailor Collar

Hey, everyone! This is Shannon, from the CKC tester group. I’m here today to show you how to add ribbon or ric rac to the adorable Sybil Sailor Dress's collar. If you are anything like me, you love all things nautical. I had the privilege of testing the Sybil Sailor Dress for the amazing designer, Emily. My first thought was that it needed details along the collar because, really, you can’t have too many embellishments, right? 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

You will need:

Collar pieces printed out and shoulder seams sewn together

1.5 to 2 yards of 3/8" ribbon (grosgrain works best) or ¼" ric rac in the color of your choice

Thread to match your ribbon or ric rac


Sewing machine

Disappearing ink pen, tailor's chalk, or something similar. 

Ruler or measuring tape

Step 1: First, you are going to grab one of your front collar pieces (with the shoulder seams already sewn). With your measuring tape or ruler, you want to measure ½ inch from the outside edge. I find it’s easier to make small marks along the edge then “connect the dots” to make my line. You will follow the curve of the front collar piece, over the shoulder seam and down to the end of the back collar piece. Do the same for the other collar pieces. 

Step 2: You are now going to take your grosgrain ribbon or ric rac and pin it to the collar. If using the grosgrain ribbon, you want to line up the outside edge of your ribbon piece to the line you just made. If you are using ric rac, you will center the ric rac over the line. Being careful to follow the curve of the line, pin the ribbon down. You cannot have too many pins because the ribbon and ric rac are going to want to wiggle all around while you are sewing. Do the same for the other front collar piece. When you get to the end of your collar, trim any overhanging ribbon. 

Step 3:  Next, you are going to take one of the collar pieces to your sewing machine. Beginning at the outside edge, you want to start sewing the ribbon to the collar piece. **Note: If you are using ric rac you will do a single stitch down the center of your ric rac.** You want to get as close to the outside edge as possible and go VERY SLOWLY around the curves, making sure your trim doesn’t move. Do the same with the other front collar piece.

*If using Ric Rac, skip to step 5*

Step 4: You will now stitch the other edge of our ribbon piece. Repeat step 3, sewing down the other edge of the ribbon, getting as close to the edge as possible and going very slowly around the curves. Do the same for the other front collar piece. 

Step 5: Next, you are going to take your ruler or measuring tape and measure ¼ inch from the inside edge of your ribbon. This will be the placement for our next piece of trim. Again, I find it easier to make dots as I measure then “connect the dots” to form the line. 

Step 6: Like you did in step 2 and 3, you will line up the outside edge of our ribbon directly on top of the line you just made. Pin well, trim any overhang, and sew the outside edge, going slowly. Once done, sew the inside edge of the ribbon. Repeat with the other front collar piece. ** Again, if you are using ric rac you will line the center of your ric rac directly over the line.**

Your collar pieces should now look like the photo above. 

Step 7: You will now be adding the trim to the bottom portion of our pieces. Like the picture, make a horizontal line, ½ inch from the bottom edge of your collar piece. Do the same for your other collar piece. 

Step 8: Much like you did with your other trim pieces, line the outside edge of your ribbon (or center it if using ric rac) with the line you just made. Pin and trim any overhang then, staying close to your ribbon edge, stitch your trim piece down. Repeat with the inside edge of your ribbon piece. Do this for the other collar piece, as well. 

Step 9: Next you will make another line ¼ inch from the inside edge of the trim piece you just sewed down. Repeat with the other collar piece.

Step 10: You will now take your next trim piece and stitch it down, again lining up the outside edge of the ribbon (centered if using ric rac) with the trim line you just made. Repeat with your other collar piece. 

You are now done adding trim to your collar pieces, in just 10 easy steps! You are ready to continue on with the steps in the Sybil's pattern. 

Enjoy!  ~ Shannon