Monday, September 15, 2014

50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt

It's been awhile since we've done a BIG giveaway and it's definitely time! We have been so blessed this year at Create Kids Couture with an abundance of new fans; we are so grateful for each and every one of you. We have been working out the logistics of this giveaway for month's so we are overjoyed that it is FINALLY here. Those of you who frequent our fan page and Facebook group have been excited for (and intrigued by) this giveaway as well. It is officially time to celebrate so with great excitement we announce the 50,000 Fan Scavenger Hunt Celebration to everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Recap

Tonight it's supposed to get below freezing here in my neck of the woods (goodbye, garden) and I even had to get my kids' jackets out for school tomorrow!  I'm all wrapped up in a blanket until I get used to the cooler temps -- I don't like being cold at all. But what the new weather really means to me is that we have more time indoors, which means more time to sew! Bring it on! 

New Releases

This week at CKC we released Tween William's Formal Accessories Set.  It is perfect for dressing up your guys for special occasions! Think weddings, holidays, and dances - you know they're coming eventually so why not grab the pattern now so you will be prepared? Tween William's also makes really fun casual and novelty accessories. The pattern includes vest, suspenders, and cummerbund in sizes 7/8 to 15/16.

Josh's Knit Pajamas are a must-have for your little guy! They are so comfy and soft and they come in both short and long versions.  Josh's is rated Beginner and you will love how quick it is to sew up a pair! We bet you can't make just one!   

This week we also released three new dolls patterns! On the far left we have a two-for-one pattern, which is  Josie's and Jade's Ruffle fabric dresses. They are both so chic! In the middle photo you can see the ever popular Serena's Stripwork Double Layer Dress, with tons of stripwork and extra twirl! And on the far right we have Keeley's ruffle bow pattern, which is just as striking as the Toddler version.Your little girl will love having a matching outfit for her doll!  

On the Blog

Tasha Engh of Little Chickadee Boutique made this tiny little Cece-inspired Circle Skirt for Barbie, and she has come to show us exactly how it's done, including a free PDF pattern piece! Even if you've never sewn Barbie clothes before, we know you can do it with Tasha's fabulous tutorial pics!

I *love* my new little accessory on my sewing machine! If you haven't tried a seam guide like this before, prepare to be amazed! Yesterday on the blog I did a product review for the Seamingly Accurate seam guide from and you'll want to come check it out! 


Who wants to win some ribbons and patterns, all while helping out a great cause? We would LOVE for you to enter our CKC Virtual World Fair! Don't wait too long because your entries need to be received by the 30th! We can't wait to see your amazing creations in person! 

 We are hosting this cool new giveaway to celebrate our 50,000 fans!! We had to postpone it a bit and we are looking for some more shops to participate! If you would like more information, please email us at Re: "Scavenger Hunt". Thanks!!! 

And if you are just super excited to play along and win prizes in our upcoming contest, please be sure to fill out this form and we will email you when the scavenger hunt giveaway becomes live! 


It's Half-Off Friday! And we have chosen 

 It's finally Half-Off Friday!  And for this weeks' pattern, we have chosen Taylor's Tween Pajama Pants and  Taylor's Adult Pajama Pants  to be on sale for 50% off all day Friday. Taylor's are super comfy and can be made out of almost every kind of fabric. Be sure to grab these two patterns while they're 50% off!

For the girls we have chosen Kadence's Knot Top as our Half-Off Friday pattern this week! Kadence's is super twirly and features adorable knot straps in front. As you can see, Kadence's is not just a warm weather pattern -- It is also perfect for layering over a long sleeve tee or even a peasant top. The pattern is 50% off all day Friday.  

That brings us to the end of this week's Friday Recap! We hope you have an exciting (and warm) weekend!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Seamingly Accurate" Seam Guide from QuiltWoman.Com

Today we have two exciting things to share with you!  First of all, CKC was featured on QuiltWoman.Com's blog where they did a fabulous "Designer Spotlight" interview with Shannon and Tiffany about how Create Kids Couture came to be. It's exciting to see how far CKC has come in just a few years' time! We really appreciate QuiltWoman.Com for spotlighting Create Kids Couture and we know you will enjoy taking the time to read it over on their blog.   

Aside from their helpful blog, QuiltWoman.Com has a lot of great products and free patterns to offer for quilters and seamstresses. A few weeks ago I came across the Seamingly Accurate seam guide on their website and I knew I had to try it out! I thought it would be a fun product to do a review on and they were happy to oblige, so here we go!

Basically, the Seamingly Accurate seam guide is a large sticker you put directly onto your sewing machine to help you keep your seams straight as you sew. The concept isn't entirely new -- I'm sure many of us have used tape or marker on our machines to mark an often-used measurement.  But what I love about this seam guide is that it is exact, it looks nice, it has a LOT of lines marked, and it is easy to install. Much easier than making a new mark for every project! Let's take a closer look. 

First of all, the seam guide says that it is re-positional, which I imagined to be an acrylic cling sticker like you find on new sunglasses.  But no, it is actually a paper sticker that you peel back, as you can see in the photo above.  I can still vouch for it being removable though, since I was curious and peeled mine up after applying it the first time. (I couldn't resist.)  It didn't leave any gummy-ness behind but it is still a paper sticker so I don't think you'll want to move it around too many times. That's not really a problem though, because it's easy to get lined up right the first time. 

After peeling the sticker off the backing I just lined it up on my machine with the "Needle Line" pointing straight at my needle. I looked at the edge of my needle plate to make sure it was going on straight.  

Next is the fun part! I used a sharp knife to cut around the plate and then peeled back that part of the sticker. (The instructions say to use a craft knife but I couldn't find my X-acto so I used a steak knife from the kitchen. Shhh.)  

If you have a removable storage compartment on your machine like I do, you can also make a cut along that edge so the compartment still slides easily on and off without disturbing the seam guide. I love that!  

And that's it.  Your Seamingly Accurate seam guide is all ready to go!  Now the next time you need to shirr in even increments or sew with a large seam allowance, you'll be able to do it without guessing or marking/gumming up the surface of your machine! (And for those who already have a bunch of marks, here's your chance to start fresh!) 

The one thing I am going to add to my seam guide is an extra line for 3/8" since that's what most of our CKC patterns are sewn at. That will be super easy to do.  I am definitely a big fan of the seam guide and I know you won't regret picking one up at QuiltWoman.Com today -- and don't forget to browse for other supplies etc. while you're there! 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barbie's Cece-Inspired Circle Skirt

Today we have Tasha Engh here as a guest to show us how she took our popular Cece's Circle Skirt pattern and used it to create a Cece-inspired skirt for Barbies!  Since the iconic dolls are so tiny, their clothes require different steps than the children's clothing we're used to making. I'm so excited that Tasha has agreed to share this with us today.  Here she is! 

Thanks so much for letting me share this cute little Barbie skirt through your blog! I primarily sew for my daughter (which is why I decided to momentarily lose my marbles and sew teeny tiny Barbie clothes!); you can find more of my sewn, ready-to-ship stuffs at Little Chickadee Boutique

Barbie’s Cece-inspired Circle Skirt

You will need:          One scrap/small piece of fabric approximately 17”x 8”, 1/8 yd, or scraps!
                                One 4” long piece of ¼” elastic
                                Matching thread
                                Downloadable pattern piece

Since this pattern is for such a small piece of clothing, seam allowances throughout with be ¼”. If you are finishing your seams with a serger, you may find it easier if you do a three thread serge (as if you were doing a rolled hem) to make it a little narrower.

Cutting: Cut 2 of skirt pattern piece, each on the fold
Cut 1 ruffle piece 1.5” H x 32” L OR  2 pieces, 1.5” H x16.5” L ( the two pieces will work better if you are using a scrap of fabric or something small such as a fat quarter). 

If you are doing a narrow hem by hand on your ruffle, you will need to increase the height of the ruffle to 1.75”.
 -If you are using a piece of fabric 17” x 8", cut your ruffle pieces first along the long edge. Then use the remainder to cut your skirt pieces.
-If you are using 1/8 yard, cut your two skirt pieces first. Then use the remainder to cut your ruffle pieces.

Step 1: If you are using two pieces for your ruffle, sew the short sides together to make one piece. Finish as desired. Make sure you DO NOT sew the ruffle pieces into a loop as you would with a girl’s skirt.

Step 2: Pin one edge of your skirt pieces, right sides together. Sew and finish seams as desired.

Step 3: Serge or zigzag across the top of the skirt pieces (at the waistline). Set aside.

Step 4: Roll hem of your ruffle.

 Step 5: Put in your gathering stitch of choice across the unfinished long edge of the ruffle piece.
Gather ruffle and pin to bottom edge of the skirt. If you used two pieces in your ruffle, match up the center seam with the side seam of the skirt. I find it easiest to leave the very ends of the ruffle flat, as shown.

Step 6: Sew the ruffle to the skirt. Finish as desired.

Step 7: If desired (or if it will drive you crazy to not finish it right), press seam toward body of skirt. Top stitch from the right side, 1/8” from seam.

Step 8: We will now be doing the elastic waist at the top of the skirt. Make sure that you have your bobbin loaded with thread that matches your skirt (again, if that’s something that will bother you. If you’re more of the “Meh, it’s going on a Barbie” type, use whatever you want).  Lay your skirt piece right side down. Match the end of your elastic to the side of the skirt, just above the  ‘notch’. Stitch forward a few stitches, then backstitch. We will now stretch the elastic as we sew it down. The elastic needs to be about ½” from the top edge. I find it most helpful to keep the edge of the fabric at my ½” mark on my plate, then center the elastic under my presser foot as I sew.  Make sure the needle is down before you start to stretch your elastic! Or you WILL pop that puppy right out! I also find it helpful to use my left hand to held the tail of my fabric that has already had the elastic stitched to it.

 Sew straight until you reach the seam joining your two skirt pieces.  At this point, you may need to put your needle down and pivot slightly. Stretch the remaining amount of elastic to the notch on the other side of the skirt, and continue sewing. Once you reach the edge of the fabric backstitch several times to finish. If you have a little bit of elastic hanging past your skirt, trim it off.

Once you are finished with step 8, your skirt should look something like this:

Step 9:  Now to make the casing! Starting at one end, we are simply going to fold the top edge of the skirt down over the elastic (see why we finished that edge?!) and stitch close to the side, about 1/8”, as if we were topstitching it. Because it is going right over onto the elastic, I choose not to iron mine. You can pin here if you feel like you need to.  You may need to stretch the elastic slightly as you sew to help the casing lay flat.  Now step back and admire your, erm, skirt?

Step 10: To finish! Fold your skirt in half, right sides together, pin the unfinished edges together. You will notice that our little “notch has disappeared on this side because we’ve sewn the casing. Just match your sides up as best as possible. Sew. Serge or zig-zag as desired.

 And Ta-da! You are done! Quick, now go find a Barbie to stick it on! (I find that she is much more cooperative about modeling my creations when and where I want her to than some of the other models I get to work with). Was it as difficult as you imagined?    

Thank you so much, Tasha!  My daughter is going to LOVE having a matching skirt for her Barbie!   

We hope you all enjoyed this free pattern today. And don't forget to go check out Little Chickadee Boutique to see the other cute items Tasha has available and show her some love. 

Let's Create! ~ Kristen  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Recap

Welcome to September! The calendar tells me that Fall is just right around the corner. As hard as that is to believe, we are starting to see those fall shades of oranges, reds, and browns come out in the adorable outfits our readers are  posting in our patterns group. I love the changing seasons! Let's take a look at what else is new at CKC this week. 

New Releases

For September's Pattern of the Month, we were excited to introduce Darcie's Apron Bubble Knot Top! This is a unique pattern you won't find anywhere else, and it combines three of our favorite looks- knot tops, bubble skirts, and aprons. It's adorable on the tiny girls too!  

This week was also our women's pattern release day! and we released three new patterns!  First is Women's Flora's Flowing high-low dress! This is a gorgeous dress with a fitted knit top. The skirt on it can be done in sheer fabric with a lining under too. Next we have Heidi's Women's Plus Hi-low Peplum top! This top is so flattering your closet will be full of them in no time. It features multiple sleeve lengths with an option for circle sleeves and a hi-low peplum. We also have Abby's Women's Plus nightgown and Capris/Shorts. This is a great pajama pattern for year-round. It is made to be used with either knit or satin fabric. 

On the Blog

Look at this quick and clever little back-to-school project we have for you this week on the blog! It's a bookmark *and* a pen holder -- all made from your favorite fabric -- to give to your little notebook-carrying friends! And why not make a couple for yourself while you're at it? 

It's reversible. It's sturdy. It's safe. And it's easy to whip up in no time! This is the best little super hero cape ever and you can get the pattern for FREE on the CKC blog!   The cape fastens in front with your choice of buttons, velcro, or snaps. My little boy loves his cape - he's been wearing it night and day. 


Who wants to win some ribbons and patterns, all while helping out a great cause? We would LOVE for you to enter our CKC Virtual World Fair! Don't wait too long because your entries need to be received by the 30th! We can't wait to see your amazing creations in person! 

 We are hosting this cool new giveaway to celebrate our 50,000 fans! It's going to run from Sept 8-22. If you want to be sure to hear the details when they are announced, just fill out this form and we will email you when the scavenger hunt giveaway becomes live! 

Have you shopped in our Couture Clearance section lately? Well guess what! This week we switched out the patterns for an all new selection of patterns in the Couture Clearance section! Come see what we have marked down to an every-day price of $2 to $5! 


Our chosen pattern for this week's Half-Off Friday sale is Willow's Wrap Jacket in Girls', Tweens', and Women's sizes!  Willow's is a flattering and comfy jacket that features a wrap front, a ruffle that goes around the neck, an attached sash that ties on the side, and a gathered "skirt" that looks simply adorable on girls of all ages.  Willow's is 50% off all day Friday and we know you're going to love having it year round! Here are some more views in the other sizes:

Well, that's all for this week's recap.  We hope you have a fun and productive weekend!  

Let's Create! ~ Kristen 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Free Super Cape Pattern!

I have a bunch of boys at my house. That puts me in the ideal position for designing boy patterns, doesn't it?  I absolutely love it. The only problem though, is that my baby boys keep growing up!

This little guy, for example, is turning three years old tomorrow!  How can that be?!  And he is all about superheroes right now.  So with his superhero birthday coming up I thought it was absolutely vital for him to get a shiny new mommy-made cape.  

 He is pleased!

And you can be too because today we are sharing the pattern with you!  Our super cape is reversible, sturdy, fits up to adult size necks, and it has several ways to safely close it without being a strangulation hazard. (Ribbon ties scare me!)  My little guy can put his cape on and off by himself, no phone booths needed!

 To make your own super cape, here's what you will need:

1 yard fabric 
Your choice of closure (snaps, velcro, buttons, etc)


First you will print the pattern pieces (link above) and tape them together. Cut out the cape piece. 

Fold your fabric in half width-wise, and then again in half width-wise, so it looks like the photo above. This will give us two folds on the left side, one inside the other.  Lay the pattern piece on the fold and pin in place.  Cut around the curves. This will give us two cape pieces.  

Note: If you want your cape to be different colors front and back, you can repeat with your second fabric color (1 yard) and it will give you two additional cape pieces. You can now make two reversible capes! 

I chose to do red on one side and black on the other, for my boys' two favorite superheroes. I was planning to put a symbol on the red side until my older son pointed out that superman has a symbol on his chest, not on his cape. Good point.  Let's continue... 

Place your two cape layers on a flat surface with right sides facing. Pin in place all around the edges. Then sew along the pinned edges and curves, leaving a 4" opening at the bottom, as shown in yellow in the photo above. 

Clip the curves close to the stitching and then turn the cape right side out, using a dowel or chopstick to get into the small straps. Iron until the cape is nice and crisp around all the edges.  Pin the 4" opening shut.

Next we are going to top stitch all around the cape by sewing 1/8" from the edge. If you used two different colors of fabric like I did, you may want to use one color as your top thread and the other color as your bobbin thread. I used red on top and black in the bobbin. (Of course you could use all one color of thread if you want contrast stitching on the opposite side.) 

Finally we will mark where we want our closures on the neck straps to be and then attach them. You can use buttons, velcro, magnetic closures, etc. 

My favorite thing to use is Kam Snaps (see our tutorial here) because they are super quick and I love the look. Whatever closure you decide to use, please remember that for safety's sake it is good for the cape to "tear off" if necessary, in case it gets snagged while the child is wearing it. We don't want playtime to become a strangulation hazard! 

Look at this, I even had some of my cool Batman snaps left over to use on the black side of his cape!

 Happy superhero boys make for happy mamas!

Now all that's left for us to do is try to keep up with them...

Let's Create! ~ Kristen